A cherished part of his oeuvre, the 'Ariel Poems' of T. S. Eliot were
originally commissioned for a pamphlet series of the same name that first
ran between 1927 and 1931. ('Nobody else seemed to want the title
afterward,' said Eliot of the series, 'so I kept it for myself.') That
pamphlet series inventively paired an unpublished poem by a leading writer
of the day with new artwork from an eminent artist. Thomas Hardy, Siegfried
Sassoon, Barnett Freedman and John Nash were among the contributors to the
first set, which broadly carried a Christmas theme and which sold for one
shilling. The publisher's hope was that the pamphlets might double-up as
greeting cards, and Eliot himself sent them as festive gifts to the writers
on Faber's poetry list. This handsome new publication brings together, for
the first time in a single edition, the six poems that T. S. Eliot wrote
for the series, and in so doing restores them to the company of the
artworks that originally partnered them.

T. S. Eliot—The Ariel Poems

  • 9780571316434