Taliesin's is one of the most important names in all Welsh literature - and
one of its greatest mysteries. He has fascinated and inspired some of our
greatest poets, including Tennyson and Robert Graves. He is a poet; a
shapeshifter; a seer; a chronicler of battles fought, by sword and with
magic, between the ancient kingdoms of the fifth- and sixth-century British
Isles; a bridge between old Welsh mythologies and the new Christian
theology; and a figure whose literary legend culminated with the
compilation in thirteenth-century North Wales of The Book of Taliesin, an
anthology gathering the work of some 700 years of anonymous hands. In the
first volume since 1915 to gather the The Book of Taliesin in its entirety,
Gwyneth Lewis and Rowan Williams's artfully accessible translation makes
these outrageous, swaggering and joyful poems available to a new generation
of readers.

The Book Of Taliesin - Poems Of Warfare And Praise In An Enchanted Britain

  • 9780141396934