An anthology of verse by women poets writing in Persian, most of whom have
never been translated into English before, from acclaimed scholar and
translator Dick Davis. A Penguin Classic The Mirror of My Heart is a unique
and captivating collection of eighty-three Persian women poets, many of
whom wrote anonymously or were punished for their outspokenness. One of the
very first Persian poets was a woman (Rabe'eh, who lived over a thousand
years ago) and there have been women poets writing in Persian in virtually
every generation since that time until the present. Before the twentieth
century they tended to come from society's social extremes--many were
princesses, some were entertainers, but many were wives and daughters who
wrote simply for their own entertainment, and they were active in many
different countries - Iran, India, Afghanistan, and areas of central Asia
that are now Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. From Rabe'eh in the
tenth century to Fatemeh Ekhtesari in the twenty-first, the women poets
found in The Mirror of My Heart write across the millennium on such
universal topics as marriage, children, political climate, death, and
emancipation, recreating life from hundreds of years ago that is strikingly
similar to our own today and giving insight into their experiences as women
throughout different points of Persian history. The volume is introduced
and translated by Dick Davis, a scholar and translator of Persian
literature as well as a gifted poet in his own right.

—The Mirror Of My Heart - A Thousand Years Of Persian Poetry By Women