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What can a member of a Mumbai ashram offer the modern world? Gaur Gopal Das
shows that a monk still has much to teach about living a happy and balanced
life. In contemporary culture, the popular conception of a “monk” is often
of a dour ascetic who lives apart from society and never engages with the
day-to-day problems of humanity. Gaur Gopal Das, a monk from an ashram in
Mumbai, shows that this image couldn’t be further from the truth. In The
Way of the Monk, Gopal Das presents a guide to navigating some of the
contemporary world’s most fundamental questions. How can we achieve peace
when the world is so full of noise and conflict? How do we learn to let go
of attachment when consumer culture constantly tells us that we are
unfulfilled? How can we embody love when our interactions with others are
so fraught with old wounds and misunderstanding? According to Gopal Das,
the keys to unraveling these dilemmas have existed for thousands of years
throughout the world's great wisdom traditions. Structured around the four
“wheels” of behavior that support a healthy, balanced life, The Way of the
Monk teaches fundamental skills of mindfulness, self-inquiry, positive
communication, and more. Gopal Das writes from the perspective of a trusted
friend, weaving tales he's encountered over the years into a single,
overarching teaching story. Already a bestseller in India, The Way of the
Monk is an ideal entry point for those who are just stepping onto the
spiritual path. Here you will find a humorous and profound journey into
truths that exist beyond the boundaries of geography, tradition, and

The Way of the Monk Gaur Gopal Das—The Way Of The Monk - How To Find Purpose, B

  • 9781683646624
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