The breathtaking new novel from the great chronicler of our age. A
Revolution of the Suntells the story of one momentous year through the eyes
of the people who lived it. It begins at the stroke of midnight on the
first day of 1997. As the year turns, a group of disparate individuals from
different backgrounds, from all corners of the country, embark on separate
journeys which will converge over the course of the next twelve months:
Rebecca, mother-to-be; Sam, amnesiac; Roderick, conservative MP; Jack,
truck driver; Martha, cat burglar; Ben, hemiplegic child; Solo, his father.
At the end of the year, their lives are irrevocably changed, some for
better, some for worse. Ambitious, powerful, irresistible,A Revolution of
the Sunis the work of a writer at the peak of his powers.

Tim Pears—A Revolution Of The Sun

  • 9780552998628