Britain may not be divided physically, but it lives culturally,
economically and socially in a constant tension between Europe and America.
And it's divided politically between a Right which argues that our place is
with America, not Europe, and a Left which claims the opposite. This is
today's English civil war. Both sides tell us we must choose between Europe
and America. But how can we choose, when Britain has two faces pointing in
opposite directions? Garton Ash argues that the beginning of national
wisdom is to accept that this is who we are, that Britain faces both ways.
What follows is, he says, a liberation - and a challenge. In this
stimulating new book, Garton Ash examines how this has happened, and argues
that Britain should resist choosing between Europe and America, but embrace
a new role in harmony with both, and that instead of destructively
bickering as we have for decades, we should be concentrating on grander and
more durable aspirations for political freedom.

Timothy Garton Ash—Free World - Why A Crisis Of The West Reveals The Opportunit

  • 9780713997644