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When it was published in France, Merci pour ce moment, Valerie
Trierweiler's memoir about her tumultuous relationship with President
Francois Hollande, sent shockwaves through the French political
establishment for what it revealed about the President's personal life. In
a nation that strives not to pry into the private lives of its politicians,
Trierweiler's voice demanded to be heard, and the embattled President found
himself vowing to see out his term in the face of rapidly sinking approval
ratings. The book went on to sell over 400,000 copies in just three weeks,
becoming France's fastest selling book ever. At its heart is a compelling
tale of politics, love and betrayal that has electrified a nation. In
January 2014, a story in Closer magazine featured photographs which
allegedly proved a secret relationship between Hollande and actress Julie
Gayet. Trierweiler was subsequently admitted to hospital. She learnt of the
President's alleged infidelity from the press, just like everyone else;
then the man she loved broke up with her in an eighteen-word press release
dictated to the French Press Agency. This is the memoir of an extraordinary
woman whose private life became very public as she was unwittingly cast
into the eye of a political storm.

Valérie Trierweiler—Thank You For This Moment

  • 9781849548649
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