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In this major new rendition by the acclaimed translator Julie Rose, Victor
Hugo's Les Misérables is revealed in its full, unabridged glory. A
favourite of readers for nearly 150 years, this stirring tale of crime,
punishment, justice and redemption pulses with life. Featuring such
unforgettable characters as the quintessential prisoner of conscience Jean
Valjean, the relentless police detective Javert and the tragic prostitute
Fantine and her innocent daughter, Cosette, Hugo's epic novel sweeps
readers from the French provinces to the back alleys of Paris, and from the
battlefield of Waterloo to the bloody ramparts of Paris during the uprising
of 1832. With an Introduction by Adam Gopnik, this Modern Library edition
is an outstanding translation of a masterpiece that continues to astonish
and entertain readers around the world.

Victor Hugo—Les Miserables. Victor Hugo

  • 9781435144774
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