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A year after Vita Sackville-West first travelled to Iran - a journey
described in the classic Passenger to Teheran - she returned to the land
that had so captured her imagination. For twelve days, with her husband and
three friends, she embarked on a difficult and often dangerous journey
through the rugged and wildly-beautiful Bakhtiari Mountains of south-
western Iran. It was a landscape that affected Sackville-West profoundly,
inspiring what is arguably some of her most lyrical prose; in the same year
she wrote her acclaimed poem, The Land. Interwoven with her magical
descriptions of the landscape, she also wrote of her encounters with the
Bakhtiari tribe as they embarked on their epic annual migration. The way of
life of the Bakhtiari, a people claiming descent from Fereydun, hero of the
Shahnameh, has now all but disappeared, the result of persecution by Reza
Shah and the encroachments and temptations of modernity. Sackville-West's
descriptions of their everyday life are thus a valuable and illuminating
portrayal a vanished world. A book that reveals as much about its author as
the country through which she travelled, Twelve Days in Persia is a classic
of travel writing on Iran and a must-have for all Bloomsbury devotees.

Vita Sackville-West—Twelve Days In Persia - Across The Mountains With The Bakht

  • 9781845119331
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