We have all seen press and television pictures of winding lines of refugees
in Africa or on mountain passes in Europe and felt that 'something must be
done'. In this urgent new book William Shawcross reveals what lies behind
decisions by the 'international community' to intervene in a situation on
humanitarian grounds, and what happens when the troops and aid agencies
move in. It is a story of noble aspirations and often ignoble real politik.
To tell the story of international peacekeeping in the last ten years
Shawcross has travelled to the war zones and talked to global policy-
makers, leading diplomats and key humanitarian aid officials in
Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, Somalia, Nigeria,
Rwanda, Sierra Leone and East Timor.

William Shawcross—Deliver Us From Evil - Warlords & Peacekeepers In A World Of

  • 9780747553120