China's most popular traditional novel, Journey to the West is the
thrilling story of the Monkey King and his epic quest, with his trusted
companions, to redeem himself. No matter what obstacle was put before him,
the clever, wily Monkey King always got what he wanted—unimaginable
strength, eternal life, even his own position in the Celestial Realm with
the gods. They face fantastic foes, demons and monsters during their
amazing adventures traveling to the Western paradise. More than anything
else, though, the Monkey King loved mischief and rule–breaking, and was
sure he was the most powerful creature in the world. But after defeat and
punishment for his tricks, the Monkey King found himself wanting some
things he never expected: to be disciplined and good enough to help the
monk Hsuan Zhang on his mission to bring Buddhist Scriptures—and
enlightenment—to China. Readers of all ages will thrill to Timothy
Richard's retelling of the Monkey King's exploits—whether in the Dragon
King's underwater castle, the Halls of the Dead or the palace of Buddha
himself—and find themselves captivated as the Monkey King joins Hsuan Zhang
and their companions the Dragon Horse, the Monk Sand and the equally
mischievous Pig on the dangerous trek West. Despite the tale's ancient
origins, Journey to the West proves as fresh and engaging an adventure as
anything written today.

Wu Cheng'en, Timothy Richard, Daniel Kane—Journey To The West - The Monkey King

  • 9780804839495